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A premier residential building that is perfectly located at the core of Wasaga Beach. Comprised of 7-storey and 8-storey towers with a total of 392 units, the development is a holy grail in the condominium scene because of its convenient and scenic site overlooking Nottawaga River. 

Apart from the ideal site, the condominium is distinctively designed to adapt to its location and use through its form, façade material, and color scheme. With the use of neutral-colored materials, the structure gives out a warm and pleasant ambiance that is necessary in a residential development. 

Wasaga Lux is yet another notable project that is architecturally designed to seize not just the attention of the community, but to offer a living space of luxury and comfort.


Encompassed by various residential, commercial, and institutional spaces, Springbank Lux Condominium is a 9-storey mixed-use development that is set to become a new landmark around Springbank Drive.

 From its full glass façade to clean horizontal lines and neutral color palette, the striking modern design of the structure stands out in the neighborhood, thus making it a feature that establishes its location.

 With 186 residential units and 4 commercial spaces, Springbank Lux Condo is thoughtfully designed and strategically planned to provide modern, functional, and comfortable living for the end-users.



Immersed in a location of residential homes and apartments, Danforth Ave. Condominium is another residential building that is set to become the area’s high point with its remarkable architecture. This 20-storey building consists of 480 units, and pleasurable amenities that are intellectually planned out to ensure functional spaces for the residents. 

The vertical elements and full glass walls integrate well with the overall form of the building that stands out in the area. Danforth Avenue condominium is yet another luxury project that translates its architecture to modern living.


Anticipated to become the town’s grandeur haven, Wasaga Beach Front is a mixed-use development consisting of commercial spaces and luxurious residential units fronted by the picture-perfect view of the beach. This 6-Storey structure incorporates functional plans and modern architecture that blends in with the town skyline. With an area of 70,193 square feet, individual units are strategically planned to experience the panoramic vista ceaselessly.