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LOCATION : Weston Road, North York, Ontario


The proposed development is located at the intersection of Weston Road and Sheppard Avenue, West side of North York, Toronto. It consists of Mixed-used commercial and residential development and will be composed of 5 Towers and 2 podiums, the main 2 main iconic towers will have 54 storey.  A 7 floors of shared podium mixed-used commercial and residential spaces, and 47 floors of residential units.

The center  tower has similar features mixed-used commercial and residential with a shared podium and  both have 40 floors residential towers. The Tower at the rear side of the development is purely residential with 18 storey residential floors. Underground Parking level will be 2 levels below ground.

Furthermore, it will include a boardwalk and viewing deck at the rear side of the property overlooking the Humber Valley Pond and River as part of its outdoor amenities.

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